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About Us
SADDLER & SADDLER's backed by Consumer Contracts Inc,
Consumers2u is also building a Senior Citizens retirement

Village to house a growing amount to People soon to come.
We certainly pride ourself on constantly giving back to the
Community through all the wonderful Donations that has
been pouring in, With Saddler's strong business structure
all Facilities should be up and running to the fullest by end
this year for 2018 with Gods help & your constant prayers,
Again Thanks!Backed by Saddlers & Saddler Incorporated.

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Donate whatever you can and automatically be put on list to Win $500. Gift Card soon, You will be redirected to a safe & secure PayPal site where you may enter what you can afford, You may also get a reciept to redeem the amount via Tax deductable, Thank you! 
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The Saddler's are now Incorporating to join other organizations to build a Women, Children & Mens Family Shelter along with a safe Senior Citizens Retirement Village to go to when they need it, North Carolina is in serious need of Family Shelters, The Homeless rate of Women and Children statistically in America is 1 in 45 will experience and know what it's like, I (Isaiah) have persoanlly experienced what it's like and the feeling of being homeless, Having your hand out, Knowhere to sleep, Going from House to House, If you've experienced it or have an Idea of what it's like and want to help towards the building of these Facilities to help others, Give us a hand at Consumers2u and lets get started on making being Homeless a better way, We'll provide them with Security deposits, First months Rent assistance, Furniture, Clothing, Food, & even a Automobile if they are working, We'll also provide safe haven Day-Care to help those in need while working, This is all possible through Volunteers, Donations, & People like you who constantly give to make it all possible, It is always better to give I was told when growing up, As the years went by I've learned how true it is, Lets minumize the poverty in our area's as soon as we can by cutting those numbers down, Don't let another Childs Face look at you with no place to go, We're in competition to end Homeless situations & cruel retirement Homes where abuse takes place, Just think...It could be your Parents, Grand, or Children even you who need a place, There's another saying I learned also, What goe's around comes around, It's called carma, Thanks for all your concern, God Bless you as you give towards helping others help them self. Help us to help People we care about with your donations!

                                                            Consumer Contractors Incorporated
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