Artist and Designers "Saiah Saddler" started out in New York City.
At age 5 Saiah developed talent in Drawing which later thru High School attended various Art classes, By age 20 He enrolled in the "New York School of Architecture" learing Drafting and Floor plan Designs, After enrolling in Manhattan Technical Institute where He learned Data Entry and Computer Automated Drafting, Not to mention Word Processing lol, Yes He was still in pursuit of all the dreams He has been inspired to do, But still not quite there He then enrolled in New York School if Interior Design where they provided Him with top of the line Teachers who were flown in from all over the World to Teach Him 18th Century Art History along with 20th Century and Behond Modern Art and Designs, Also learning the Art of Color, Perspective Drawing and Painting, Interior Decorating and Designing along with many other courses which enhanced His skills greatly, Still not satisfied with all of His accomplishments He started a career and learning all about the Real Estate market as a Sales Agent, Teaching Himself all there is to know about Buying and Selling Real Properties Esaiah later on started His own business in 2008 in New York City later moving on to North Carolina where He travels back and forth to NYC once each Month on Business, Still building up His Success Saiah Saddler is now Investing in Real Properties such as Residential an many more including Abandaned Properties in need of Rehab.
If your looking to purchase a good piece Real Estate or simply to Invest for your future, Don't hesitate to give us a call and you will be hooked up with the man Himself "Saiah Saddler" who can tell you all about the Real Estate market and whats the best deal He can give you or guide you to a Absolute Great Offer!!!

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